Ocean Summit 2023 Australia

Taking our lead from established frameworks and commitments, the Ocean Business Leaders' Summit will be established as a regular gathering of business, finance, research, science, and government stakeholders to broker dialogue and intellectual discussion about a sustainable ocean economy and generate actions while growing awareness of the ecosystem of stakeholders, drivers and opportunities.


Delivering a sophisticated platform for engagement, strategic networking and collaboration, for an ocean action agenda.

Thought Leadership

Wednesday 1st March: 11.30am to 5.30pm - and - Thursday 2nd March: 7.30am to 12.20pm

Hosting a compelling program of keynote speakers, panel discussions and in-conversation fireside chats, these two Summit sessions will lay the foundation for talking about the systemic change required to achieve 'the ocean we want'.

Delivering a sophisticated platform for engagement, strategic networking and collaboration, international and national thought leaders will address a gathering of 220 C-Suite, Board Chairs, Directors, decision-makers and influencers across business, government, finance, research and academia, and civil society, eager to understand and contribute to an ocean conversation that is becoming increasingly imperative on the planet's climate stage.

Interactive discussions with the delegates led by the Panel moderators, keynotes and thought leaders will traverse ocean knowledge, equity, innovation and governance and align with Ocean Decade objectives, challenges and outcomes, and the Ocean Panel transformations. This strategic focus will bring together an action agenda to promote an improved and collaborative approach for a sustainable ocean economy.


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Wednesday 01 March: 5.30pm to 9.30pm

Held at the conclusion of the first day, a prestigious Ocean Decade Summit Dinner will bring together the 220 Summit delegates for an evening of invaluable networking and conversation while enjoying a fine-dining experience of a uniquely created menu using sustainable and indigenous produce.

Strategic collaboration for an Ocean Action Agenda

Thursday 02 March: 12.30pm to 3.30pm

Curated to bring together 50-55 key stakeholders and Summit delegates, the primary goal of the four strategic immersions will be to increase literacy and connectivity and provide a premium forum for robust debate and the sharing of knowledge and ideas.

Held as an Executive Luncheon hosting a cross-sector and cross-disciplinary panel of invited influencers, leaders, and industry stakeholders, the interactive discussions are aimed to encourage compelling, beneficial, and intellectual conversation between all guests, while providing a premium platform for a deep dive into key areas of opportunity, driving strategic engagement and collaborative approaches to move to a plan of action.

An Executive Summary, to be compiled by our consulting partner, will be generated from each of these discussions and distributed to attendees, stakeholders and their broader networks. The intention is to collate all summaries of the contextual discussions of each of the Immersions into a compelling and actionable document for Ocean Decade Australia to use as a working document for future Summits and discussions.

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Ocean Governance
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Ocean Innovation
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Advisory Group

With a commitment to developing relevant, current and industry-focused content to deliver a valuable experience for participants, our Advisory Group has been established to gather input and expertise from representatives across relevant sectors.

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